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A global collaboration of engineers, scientists, and other domain experts, funded by philanthropists,

building the gold standard of Artificial General Intelligence, for all of mankind.

(Well, that's the plan!)

  • Big Mother

Big Mother is a moonshot AGI project.

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In a nutshell:

  • the goal of the Big Mother project is to build a maximally-safe, maximally-benevolent, maximally-trustworthy, autonomous, goal-directed, super-intelligent machine (Artificial General Intelligence) called Big Mother, that is publicly owned by all mankind
    • in the words of Professor Stuart Russell in his 2019 book Human Compatible (in respect of benevolent AGI in general):
      • the machine's only objective is to maximize the realization of human preferences
      • the machine is initially uncertain about what those preferences are
      • the ultimate source of information about human preferences is human behaviour
    • simply stated, the net effect of Big Mother's dominant goal (top-level objective) will be to:
      • (broadly) maximise human happiness
      • (broadly) minimise the standard deviation of human happiness
      • ("broadly" because, in actual practice, absolute maximisation/minimisation is an unattainable ideal)
  • this will be a collective effort, requiring a global collaboration of engineers, scientists, and other domain experts, over (realistically) the next 50-100 years (or longer if safety requires)
  • this is a purely philanthropic project whose primary beneficiaries are future humans, not present-day humans (although some benefits will start to accrue almost immediately, gradually accelerating as the project progresses towards its long-term goal)
  • the Big Mother project is currently organised into 30 workgroups (19 technical and 11 organisational), each focussing on a specific piece of the overall puzzle
  • our primary focus, until probably the end of 2021, will be on populating the various workgroups with appropriate domain experts
  • in particular, a series of talks entitled "The Big Mother Artificial General Intelligence Framework", aimed at a non-technical audience, will be held in Cambridge (UK) starting 29 November 2019; these talks will be recorded, transcribed, and added to our list of publications
    • the following is an extract from the introduction:
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