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An international collaboration of engineers, scientists, and other experts, funded by philanthropists,

building the gold standard of Artificial General Intelligence, for all of mankind.

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The BigMother Project is a moonshot AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) project.

(Apologies, the site is a bit fragmented at the moment, but we're working hard on a paper [NEW!] that pulls it all together!)

In a nutshell:

  • [Definition] AGI endgamethe inevitable future point at which humans are no longer the most generally-intelligent entity on the planet.
  • [Motivation] The nature of the AGI endgame will determine the subsequent fate of all mankind for all eternity.  (More here.)
  • [Final goal] We seek to influence the AGI endgame, to the maximum extent possible, in order to secure a maximally benevolent outcome for all mankind, without fear or favour.
  • [Instrumental goal] We seek to design, develop, and deploy a maximally safe, maximally benevolent, maximally trustworthy, super-intelligent, super-knowledgeable, self-improving, maximally goal-aligned, alpha AGI (called BigMother) that is publicly owned by all mankind, and whose operation thus benefits all of mankind (rather than any proper subset of it).
  • [Plan] The successful achievement of these objectives requires exactly three things:
    1. a viable Technical Plan [see here (1 page), here (2 pages), here (7 pages), and here]
    2. a viable Organisational Plan [see here]
    3. a viable Financial Plan [see here, workgroups S04-S06]
  • The project is currently organised into 30 workgroups, each focussing on a specific piece of the overall puzzle, and is thus a necessarily collective effort, requiring, for its successful execution, an international collaboration of engineers, scientists, and other experts, over (realistically) the next 50-100 years (or longer if safety requires)
    • at the time of writing, we have 27 project members, 10 of whom are superheroes (unpaid volunteers) hailing from 7 countries: Canada, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, UAE, UK, and US (although to date only a handful of superheroes have made active contributions)
  • This is a philanthropy-based social enterprise whose primary beneficiaries will be today's younger generations, and their descendants.
    • The project is incorporated as a UK-based Community Interest Company (CIC) limited by guarantee, and thus has no shareholders. Salaries may be paid to employees, but any profits derived from the commercial exploitation of project results (as they emerge from the roadmap) are reinvested in the project.
  • For further information, please watch the videos, read the blogs, or search the site:

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