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The BigMother Project is a moonshot AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) project.

We believe that the nature of the AGI endgame [the inevitable future point at which humans are no longer the most generally-intelligent entity on planet Earth (most likely occurring this century)] will determine the subsequent fate of all mankind for all eternity, profoundly affecting trillions of future human lives. The final goal of the BigMother project is to influence the AGI endgame, to the maximum extent possible, in order to secure a maximally benevolent outcome for all mankind, without fear or favour. To this end, we seek to design, develop, and deploy a maximally safe, maximally benevolent, maximally trustworthy, super-intelligent, super-knowledgeable, self-improving, maximally goal-aligned, alpha AGI (called BigMother) that is publicly owned by all mankind, and whose operation therefore benefits all of mankind (rather than any proper subset of it).

The BigMother project, and the BigMother cognitive architecture, are described in more detail in this draft paper.

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