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An international collaboration of engineers, scientists, and other experts, funded by philanthropists,

building the gold standard of Artificial General Intelligence, for all of mankind.

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The BigMother Project is a moonshot AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) project.

In a nutshell:

  • [Mantra] The AGI endgame will determine the fate of all mankind for all eternity. More here (11 pages).
  • [Final goal] We seek to influence the AGI endgame, to the maximum extent possible, in order to secure a maximally benevolent outcome for all mankind, without fear or favour.
  • [Instrumental goal] We seek to design, develop, and deploy a maximally safe, maximally benevolent, maximally trustworthy, super-intelligent, super-knowledgeable, self-improving, goal-aligned AGI (called BigMother) that is publicly owned by all mankind, and whose operation therefore benefits all of mankind (rather than any proper subset of it).
  • [Plan] The successful achievement of these objectives requires exactly three things:
    • a viable Technical Plan [see here (2 pages), here (7 pages), and here]
    • a viable Organisational Plan [see here]
    • a viable Funding Plan [see here, specifically workgroups S04-S06]
  • The BigMother Project is necessarily a collective effort, requiring, for its successful execution, an international collaboration of engineers, scientists, and other experts, over (realistically) the next 50-100 years (or longer if safety requires)
    • at the time of writing, our volunteers (superheroes) hail from 7 countries: Canada, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, UAE, UK, and US.
  • This is a purely philanthropic project whose primary beneficiaries will be today's younger generations of humans, and their descendants.
  • The BigMother Project is currently organised into 30 workgroups, each focussing on a specific piece of the overall puzzle.

For further information, please watch the videos, read the blogs, or search the site:

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