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An international collaboration of engineers, scientists, and other domain experts, funded by philanthropists,

building the gold standard of Artificial General Intelligence, for all mankind.

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Apologies, this page is a bit of a mess. Until we are able to clean it up, please (if you can) try to ignore style, and focus on content!

BigMother's Organisational Plan comprises the following workgroups:

S01 - Project management - The Project Management Office (PMO), headed by the Project Director, is the ultimate technical design authority, responsible for the management of the Technical Plan (selecting group leaders, allocating tasks and resources, arbitration, etc). The BigMother project is primarily an engineering project, and, in order to maximise the use of our limited resources, all technical research and development must be targeted at specific roadmap tasks, not general research. All potentially interested domain experts are invited to join the project.

S02 - Governance - This workgroup comprises the Main Board of directors, the Non-Executive Board, and the Advisory Board; of these, only the Main Board has executive powers, the other two are advisory. The Advisory Board advises on technical matters and the Non-Executive board advises on non-technical matters (for example, remuneration). All potentially interested domain experts are invited to join the project.

ASIDE: As mentioned elsewhere, the ultimate goal is that BigMother should be publicly owned by all mankind (not by a UK CIC, which is a temporary solution only). The most satisfactory way to achieve this, I believe, would be for the project to ultimately fall under the administration of the United Nations (e.g. via UNESCO's International Research Centre on AI). It's possible that globally-focussed organisations such as the World Federalist Movement may be able to provide useful advice and guidance in this regard.

    S03 - Communications - This group is responsible for all messaging (the communication of all project-related information), both internally and externally to the project, including the production of all communication materials (written, graphic, and audio-visual), the management of communication infrastructure (website, emails, etc), the production of content such as blogs, newsletters, white papers, and press releases, interaction with the media, the organisation of conferences and events, and the formulation and implementation of communication strategy. Like BigMother itself, BigMother.AI CIC must be maximally-trustworthy, therefore all project communications (internal and external) must be honest, accurate, and true (to the best of the originator's knowledge and belief). All potentially interested domain experts are invited to join the project.
      S04 - Marketing - Whereas other organisations might use different terminology, Marketing, within the BigMother Project, is defined to be Communications (S03) plus Call-To-Action (CTA). In other words, whenever we would like to persuade some other actor to do something, such as join BigMother, become a superhero (unpaid volunteer), make a purely philanthropic donation, or purchase a BigMother product, it's S04's job to craft and implement the corresponding Call-To-Action. All potentially interested domain experts are invited to join the project.
        S05 - Fundraising - This workgroup is tasked with raising donations from philanthropists, foundations, corporations, and governments. The ultimate target, as stated elsewhere, is $100 million per year, but that's just a longer-term ideal. In reality, the more that S05 can raise, from $10 up, the more resources S01 and S02 will have to actually get things done and move the project forward. Due to the nature of the project (which seeks to ensure that the benefits of AGI are shared fairly by all mankind), all donations must be purely philanthropic in nature, i.e. there can be no possible way in which a donor might benefit from their donation any more than any non-donor. Anonymous donations are encouraged, and any large donors must be vetted. In line with our humanitarian objectives, military funding will not be accepted. All potentially interested domain experts are invited to join the project.
          S06 - Exploitation - Being (currently) a UK-based CIC limited by guarantee, BigMother.AI is able to operate commercially, to generate revenues and profits, and to pay suitable remuneration (as advised by the Non-Executive Board) to directors and employees. Not having any shareholders means that all profits remain within the project, to be spent on the project's day-to-day costs. The role of the Exploitation workgroup is to responsibly exploit the project's technology commercially, as it emerges from development. "Responsibly" because AI/AGI technology is potentially open to abuse by malicious actors (see The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence, and Malicious Uses and Abuses of Artificial Intelligence), and consequently very strict measures (such as Know-Your-Customer) must be taken to ensure that this does not occur in respect of any BigMother technology. In line with our humanitarian objectives, military applications will not be supported. Any revenues derived from the activities of the Exploitation workgroup are known as Exploitation Revenues; a small proportion (currently 5%) of Exploitation Revenues are allocated to debt servicing (a legacy of the project's very long history), the remainder is used to supplement any funds raised by the S05 group. All potentially interested domain experts are invited to join the project.
            S07 - Accounts - If the project has any money (e.g. derived from the activities of S05 or S06) then that money must be properly, and transparently, controlled and accounted for, just as with any responsible organisation. The S07 workgroup is responsible for all accounting and company secretarial obligations, such as preparing and filing accounts, VAT returns, corporation tax returns, and confirmation statements, etc. All potentially interested domain experts are invited to join the project.
              S08 - Legal - This workgroup is responsible for any legal matters pertaining to the project which may arise from time-to-time. For example, in order to avoid any intellectual property complications further down the line, all superheroes and other team members must enter into a Contribution Agreement prior to making any technical contribution. This workgroup is also responsible for ensuring that the organisation has sufficient (liability, employers', etc) insurance cover. All potentially interested domain experts are invited to join the project.
                S09 - Human resources - This group is responsible for the management of the BigMother team, including both superheroes (unpaid volunteers) and paid staff. For example, any team member must be vetted for suitability before being allowed to contribute to the project in any significant way. All potentially interested domain experts are invited to join the project.
                  S10 - Staff training - Any organisation that maintains a Quality Management System (such as that maintained by the G01 Quality workgroup) must ensure that team members are educated (in all topics and subjects relevant to their role) to the same minimum standard. The S10 workgroup is responsible for the development and delivery of internal training courses, both technical and non-technical (some of which will be made available to external parties). All potentially interested domain experts are invited to join the project.

                    S99 - General - This workgroup is responsible for any "general support" activity not falling into any of the above groups. For example, administration staff occasionally manning the registration desk at BigMother events would fall into this category. All potentially interested domain experts are invited to join the project.

                    Please note that, at the time of writing (August 2020), most of the above workgroups are largely unpopulated. Why not sign up...? :-)

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